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Big Springs Historical Society

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In the past, there was a campaign to raise funds for the museum by selling engraved bricks which became the walkway in our museum grounds garden. While it is no longer possible to donate an engraved brick, here is a list of all of the Donors and the Inscriptions on each brick.

Monacelli, Tige Monacelli “Always a Raider” Coach Monacelli
Bakery Creation, A Bakery “Sweet” Memory, A Bakery Creation
Mendel, Roey 12 Corners 12 Corners Custom Quilts
Mendel, Robert 12 Corners 12 Corners Klezmer Band
Martin, Helen E. – 1 Sullivan Aidan Mills Sullivan
Mack, Alan – 1 Mack Alan, Laura, Ian & Lydia Mack
Weitzel, Robert, Mr. & Mrs. – 2 Weitzel Alan, Tanya, Toby, Scott & Patti Weitzel
Kohl, Alice – 1 Kohl Alice Johnson Kohl
Roggen, Allen & Patricia – 3 Roggen Allen J. Roggen, Patricia Jones, Gail, Barb, Alana
Allen-Bailey Tag & Label, Inc. Allen-Bailey AllenBailey Tag Established 1911
Shepard, Betsy Robertson Always in our Hearts – Bill & Joe Robertson
Walkup, Ernest W. Walkup Arline and Ernie Walkup
Ayers, Aileen – 1 Ayers Ayers Farm, Haflingers, The Family Horse
Baker, Eric and Jane Baker Baker Family, Armstrong Road, Mumford, NY
Smith, Silas W. – 1 Smith Barbara A. Smith
Barefoot Septic Systems, Inc. Barefoot Barefoot Septic Systems, Established 1961
Bubel, Alice Hayward Bernard Hayward, Caledonia Chief of Police 1958-1972
Woodgate, Beverly Woodgate Beverly Woodgate
Big Springs Historical Society Big Springs Big Springs Garden Club
Hamilton, Dorothy L. Hamilton Bill & Dorothy Hamilton, Life Residents
Hare, Dr. John Donald – 1 Byam Bill & Dottie Byam, Dear Friends
McGinnis, William – 2 McGinnis Bill & Mary Ann McGinnis
McQuilkin, Karen McQuilkin Bill and Karen McQuilken and Son Don
Reinagel, William T. Reinagel Bill and Mary Lou Reinagel
Grant, Pat Grant Bill Grant, Beloved Dad and Husband
Stein, Paul, Mr. and Mrs. – 1 Stein Blance and Paul Stein
Nothnagle, Tim – 1 Nothnagle Bob & Carol Nothnagle
Betz, Bob and Joe Betz Bob & Jo Bets, Tinsmith and Quilter
Kelly, Rene Waldron Bob & Lois Waldron
Pullyblank, Fay Pullyblank Bob and Betty Jane Pullyblank
Sheffer, Robert J. Sheffer Bob and Sue Sheffer
Sickles, Robert F. Sickles Bob and Sue Sickles
Smith, Silas W. – 2 Smith Bonnie Smith
Seekins, Pauline Seekins Bruce Seekins and Family, Flint Hill Rd.
Roberts, Margaret K. Roberts Budd & Maggie Roberts
Fisher, Dick and Marilyn – 2 Fisher C. Richard Fisher
KenCal Bowl Cal Bowl Cal Bowl Family & Fun Center
Caledonia Country Club CCC Caledonia Country Club
Mack, Alan – 2 Fish Hatchery Caledonia Fish Hatchery
Cal-Mum Family Chiropratic, PC Cal-Mum Caledonia-Mumford Family Chiropractic
Hessenthaler Cal-Mum Caledonia-Mumford Lioness
Cal-Mum Central Board of Ed. Cal-Mum Cal-Mum Board of Education for our Youth
Caledonia-Mumford Lions Club Lions Club Cal-Mum Lions Club, We Serve
Cal-Mum Middle School Cal-Mum Cal-Mum Middle School
Andreae, Margaret M. Snyder Cameron and Lily Snyder, Love from Nana
Van Zile-Stabins, Christina – 2 Van Zile Cameron Van Zile, Van Zile Travel
Offen, Carl, Mr. and Mrs. Offen Carl and Judy Offen
Connor, Greg – 2 Gibson Carl E. Gibson, Class of 1929, 1910-1988
Cohen, Dennis – 13 Cohen Carly Cohen
Kohl, Alice – 2 Ross Carol Johnson Ross
Bickford, Robert and Sally – 1 Bickford Carroll S. Bickford, 20 Yrs. Supervisor
Cohen, Dennis – 10 Cohen Cassandra Cohen
Joy, Charlie – 1 Joy Charlie & Carolyn Joy, Elke City, OK
Joy, Charlie – 2 Joy Charlie Joy, Class of 1949
Keith, Fred W. – 2 Keith 2 Charter Members Frederick Keith, Elisabeth Keith
Anderson, Helen – 2 Brown Chris and Pat
Davison, Gery Davison Chris, Gretchen, Matthew & Nicky Davison
Cohen, Dennis – 2 Cohen Community Outfitters 1921 – 1982
Martin, Helen E. – 2 Sullivan Conor James Sullivan
Cohen, Dennis – 11 Cohen Cooper Cohen
Green, Chris Cozy Kitchen Cozy Kitchen, 3103 Main Street, Caledonia, NY
Murphy, Kristen A. Miles D. Bruce and Carol Miles
D’Angelo, Victoria D’Angelo D’Angelo’s 5 & 10 Store 1936 – 1996, Carl and Victoria
Bartlett, Dan and Debora Bartlett Daniel (and) Debora Bartlett
Traber, Beth – 2 Traber Daniel G. Traber, Marilyn Traber Myers
Harrigan, James and Jeanne – 1 Harrigan Daniel Harrigan
Roggen, Allen & Patricia – 2 Scalia Daniel, Alana (R), Tricia, Danielle, Kate Scalia
Nusbickel, David, Mr. and Mrs. Nusbickel David & Carol Nusbickel
Witherspoon, Brian Witherspoon David & Coleen, Brendan & Brian Witherspoon
Stone, David Stone David & Pauline Stone and Family
Cohen, Dennis – 8 Cohen David B. Cohen
Taylor, Margaret Taylor David, Margaret Taylor
Neale, Maria Neale David, Maria & Harold Neale, 2003
DeMersman, Carolyn M. DeMersman DeMersman & Morse Families, Phillippians 4:13
Cohen, Dennis – 9 Cohen Dennis and Michelle Cohen
Ayes, Aileen – 2 Ayes Dennis and Sue Ayers, Devan and Dustin
Davin, Dennis Davin Dennis, Patty, Kelly, Jason and Jeffrey Davin
Garrett, Pat – 1 Pawlik Diane and Thomas Pawlik, Sept. 6, 2003
Walter, Dianne & Jerry Walter Dianne & Jerry Walter
Caledonia-Mumford Rotary Club Cal-Mum Do Good in the World, Cal-Mum Rotary
Baldeck, Donald – 1 Baldeck Don & Edith Y. Baldeck, Mumford, 52 Yrs Married
Parnell, Peggy Parnell Don & Peggy Parnell and Family
Pullyblank, Donald E. Pullyblank Don and Von Pullyblank and Family
Keenan, Elizabeth Donegan Donegan and Keenan Families
Cook, Thomas M. Cook Dorothy Donnelly Cook, Thomas M. Cook
Andaloro, Wm. S., Dr. – 1 Andaloro Dr. and Mrs. William S. Andaloro
Litteer, Harold H. & Kathleen M. Litteer Duff & Kathy Litteer
Tiberio Tiberio Duke Tiberio, Firechief, Mayor, Village Board,
Tiberio, Wife
Stone, Christine Stone Earl & Christine Stone
Matthews, C. Edward Matthews Ed and Carol Matthews
Daley, Nancy – 2 Daley Edward E. and Mary C. Daley
Hicks, Eileen Hicks Eileen, Barry Hicks and Family
Guthrie, Marian – 4 Forbes Ellen Forbes Guthrie, Charter Member
Kohl, Alice – 3 Johnson Eric Rudolph Johnson
Hayward, Rita and Bernie Hayward Esther Hayward, Town & Village Historian
Desjardins, Jane – 1 Campbell Eugene Campbell 08-03-02 to 04-23-72
O’Brien, Maureen F. – 1 Rose Evelyn, Devan, and Eva Rose – My Sweet Nieces
Ball, Thomas J. Ball Family James Ball, Family Thomas Ball,
Caledonia –
100 Years
Van Zile-Stabins, Christina – 1 Van Zile Fayette W. Van Zile, Van Zile Travel
Field, Florence A. Field Florence Field, Wheatland Town Historian
Anderson, Helen – 1 Anderson Floyd and Helen Anderson
Bernard, Eveline Barnard Fond Memories of Grandpa Bernard
Frew, Deborah Emery Forever in our Hearts – Bernice and Mike Emery
Hinsdale, Dr. Fred M. – 2 Hinsdale Frederick M. Hinsdale, Supt. 1951-1981, CMCS
Daley, Nancy – 3 Skivington Freeman and Muriel Skivington
Antinore, Marion and Frankie – 1 Antinore From Frankie and Marion Antinore
Keith, Fred W. – 3 Keith 3 From Frederick and Barbara Keith
Roggen, Allen & Patricia – 1 Roggen Gail Donaghue, C. Roggen, Julia, Timothy
Heuer & Coene Heuer & Coene Gary Heuer, DDS – Mark Coene, DDS
Guthrie, Marian – 1 GCM Harmonics GCM Harmonics, L. Joyce Noble, Marian Guthrie
Genesee Country Campgrounds Sims Genesee Country Campground, The Sims Family
Genesee Country Inn, The Genesee Genesee Country Inn, Circa 1833
Genesee Country Village & Mus Genesee Genesee Country Village and Museum
Scheg, Bill Genesee Genesee Valley Taxiderm and Shooting Supply
Traber, Beth – 3 Traber George & Beth Traber
Keith, Fred W. – 4 Keith 4 Gerald Keith and Eugenie Keith
Mooney, Mary E. Mooney Gerald Mooney Family
Gigglin’ Pig gigglin’ pig Gigglin’ Pig
Murphy, Kristen – 2 Murphy Gloria Estabrook Murphy
Miller, Jack Gravel Gravel Ponds Camping and Recreation
Loomis, Gary – 2 Stewart Great Aunt Ole, Luv Ya, Olive Loomis Stewart
Huff, Mary Ann DeVelder Harold DeVelder Forever in Our Hearts
Sickles, Mary K. Sickles Harold J. Sickles Inc., 1962 –
Brown, Carol R. – 1 Brown Harrison Brown Sr., Ruth Purvis Brown
LaFave, Eileen – 1 Baker Harry and Louise Baker
Cohen, Dennis – 6 Cohen Harvey Cohen, Mayor 1960 – 1968, and Merna Cohen
Kohl, Alice – 4 Johnson Hattie Irene Johnson
Henry, James and Bea Henry Henry – Jim Sr. ‘n Bea, Jim Jr., Geo. Ed, Gary ‘n Becky
Russ, Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Russ Howard C. Russ, Fish Hatchery Supt. 25 yrs.
Mason, Hoyt R. Mason Hoyt and Doris Mason
Huber, Gordon C. Hubers Hubers Hardware, Gordon – Jeane, Jan ’53 – Jan ’74
Howlett, Bonnie – 1 Robertson Hugh “Pete” and Eleanor Robertson
Hunt, Charlene Hunt Hunt’s Pub, Mumford, NY, Char and Tom
Cullinan, Mary V. – 1 Ball Ida and Anna Ball
Wilson, Ida and Lewis Wilson Ida and Lewis Wilson
Brown, Shirley R. Brown In Honor and Loving Memory of Bob Brown
Burdick, Shirley and Lynn Resch In Honor of Dorothy Resch, Special Friend
Reed, Janet Blowers In Honor of the Milton & Bessie Blowers Family
Shaw, George and Kathryn – 2 Shaw In Loving Memory of Frank and Eleanor Shaw
Bailey, Dale Hartford In Loving Memory of Mary Hartford
Traber, Beth – 1 Traber In Memoriam Beth Ann Traber
Hare, Dr. John Donald – 2 Hare In Memory – Melville A. Hare, Family Doctor
Coffey, Ann Bernd In Memory of “Dutch” Bernd
Burt, Amy and Phil – 2 Coppini In Memory of Albert Coppini
Guthrie, Marian – 3 Guthrie In Memory of Andrew Guthrie, 8th NY Vol. Cav.
Coppini, Peter A. Coppini In Memory of Angelina and Peter Coppini
Resch, Dorothy – 1 Cameron In Memory of Anna Cameron, Charter Member 1936
Root, Lou Root In Memory of Annabel Root
Sheffer, Donald & Linda – 2 Sheffer In Memory of Bob and Edith Sheffer
DuBois, Ann Toni Constable In Memory of Bob Constable, Viet Nam Vet
Gaffney, Laura Cappotelli In Memory of Caroline Rose Cappotelli
Rothrock, Doris – 1 McKay In Memory of Charles and Dola McKay
Wilkins, Richard Wilkins In Memory of Charles and Marianna Wilkins
Grant-Fletcher, Dorothy – 2 Fletcher In Memory of Charles Fletcher
Wynne, Patrick & Carolyn – 1 Carson In Memory of Charles, Iilene Carson
Steedman, Connie – 1 Steedman In Memory of Chris Steedman 9-27-61 to 1-26-91
Slack, Maria W. – 1 Slack In Memory of David E. Slack
Weber, Annabelle Clary In Memory of Dennis and Gretchen Clary
Cromwell, Linda J. – 2 Van de Vort In Memory of Don and Florence Van de Vort
Carpenter, Susanne Carpenter In Memory of Donald Carpenter, Sr.
Cromwell, Linda J. – 3 Demarest In Memory of Doris Van de Vort Demarest
Jones, Diane Reinagel In Memory of Dorothy Reinagel
Stettinius, Eileen Baldeck In Memory of Edward and Laura Baldeck
Bickford, Barry Roberts In Memory of Eleanor and Smokey Roberts
Guthrie, Elizabeth Holahan In Memory of Elizabeth Gibson Holahan
Grabb, Jane Taylor – 2 Cameron In Memory of Elizabeth MacKenzie Cameron
Sickles, Suzanne McKenzie In Memory of Esther McKenzie, Wm. S. McKenzie
Antinore, Marion and Frankie – 2 Bratt In Memory of Eva and Emory Bratt
Bickford, Robert and Sally – 2 Bickford In Memory of Evelyn Bickford
Henry, Helen M. Henry In Memory of Frances “Jiggs” Henry
Grabb, Jane Taylor – 1 Taylor In Memory of Frances Cameron Taylor
Balonek, Steve Balonek In Memory of Frank & Evelyn Balonek
Loomis, Gary – 1 Loomis In Memory of Gaspard and Celia Loomis
Phillips, Elke E. Marshall In Memory of General Geo. C. Marshall
Slack, Maria W. – 2 Grattan In Memory of George Grattan
Lynn, Priscilla – 1 Booth In Memory of Gordon and Anne Booth
Brown, Carol R. – 2 Brown In Memory of H. M. Brown, Jr. (Buster), Peter Scott Brown
Griffin, Donald E. Griffin In Memory of Harold ‘Slim’ & Margaret Griffin
Cromwell, Linda J. – 4 Wilson In Memory of Helen Van de Vort Wilson
Geer, Betty Geer In Memory of J. Moakley Geer
Callan, Leonard Kelley In Memory of J. P. Kelley, Callan Farms
Mackay, Family of Jack MacKay In Memory of Jack MacKay
Guthrie, Marian – 5 Guthrie In Memory of James C. Guthrie
Wood, Marion Wood In Memory of James T. Wood
Coates, Corine P. – 1 Bostwick In Memory of Jay and Nellie Bostwick
Sheffer, Donald & Linda – 1 Donnelly In Memory of Jim and Gladys Donnelly
Antinore, Marion and Frankie – 3 John In Memory of John “The Barber”, Mumford, NY
McClenny, Betty Shelton In Memory of John & Alma Shelton
Ferazoli, Virginia Ferazoli In Memory of John & Louise Ferazoli
McAleavey, Amy Randall In Memory of John and Connie Randall
Hassett, Robert and Patricia Giglio In Memory of John and Jo Giglio
Hughes, Juanita Hughes In Memory of John and Rob Hughes from Wife and Mom
Cesarano, Mary T. Cesarano In Memory of Joseph Cesarano
McCombs, Dolores M. McCombs In Memory of Joseph McCombs and Family
Ward, Joseph W. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Ward In Memory of Joseph W. Ward, Gertrude H. Ward
Daley, Nancy – 1 Daley In Memory of June and Edward Daley
Alepoudakis, Mitch Alepoudakis In Memory of Kanella Alepoudakis
Coates, Corine P. – 2 Purvis In Memory of Louie & Racine Purvis
Smith, Joan A. Alaimo In Memory of Michaline and Samuel Alaimo
Crane, Allison Crane In Memory of Milton Crane
Hamilton, Mary & Mike Davison Davison In Memory of our Mom, Helen H. Davison
Reid, Andrew and Mary Ann Reid In Memory of Parents Mary and Andy Reid
Middleton, Mary – 1 Rapone In Memory of Patsy & Theresa Rapone
Middleton, Mary – 2 Rapone In Memory of Patsy A. Rapone, Jr.
Aquino, Betty Rapone In Memory of Patsy C. Rapone
Ludlum, Karen Ludlum In Memory of Patsy Ludlum by her Family
Fredericks, Gary Fredericks In Memory of Peggy Fredericks
Hilliard, Sally – 3 Macy In Memory of Pete & Mary Macy, Quarry Road
Schirmer, Mary and John Brown In Memory of Peter Brown
Ganley, Peter J. Clark In Memory of Peter F. Clark, Business Man
Ferazoli, Virginia Perna In Memory of Petger & Josephine Perna
Lynn, Priscilla – 2 Booth In Memory of Ralph and Hilda Booth
Baldeck, Dorothy Baldeck In Memory of Raymond G. Baldeck
Nailos, Jim & Peggy – 1 Fitzgibbon In Memory of Rex and Marion Fitzgibbon
MacWilliams, Kathy Robinson In Memory of Robert and Helen Robinson
Mitchell, Marion – 3 Mitchell In Memory of Robert, Grace & Bob Mitchell
Sheehan, Susan F Sheehan In Memory of Roger G. Sheehan
Loomis, Gary – 3 Loomis In Memory of Sgt Otis W. Loomis, Uncle Bus
Edmondson, Carol & Larry Kida Kida In Memory of Stephanie Kida, Susan Edmondson
Burt, Amy and Phil – 1 Burt In Memory of the Burts – Howard & Liz
Eberts, Arthur P. – 2 Eberts In Memory of the Eberts – June, Mary, Floyd
Hilliard, Sally – 2 Hacketts In Memory of the Hacketts, Robert & Carrie
Drouin, Jacques Moonwinks In Memory of the Moonwinks
Noble, Theresa Noble In Memory of Vincent L. Noble
Hickey, Pat – 2 Hickey In Memory of William J. Hickey
Keenan, Martha – 1 Harrington In Memory, Ken Harrington, Ann Harrington
Iroquois Design Co. Inc. Iroquois Iroquois Design
Estabrooks, Don Iroquois Iroquois Hotel, Estab. 1852
Baker, Ann – 1 Ezard Irving & Ethel Durney Ezard, Caledonia Proud
J.B. Sportswear Beach J. B. Sportswear – Ron & Brenda Beach
Ball, John Francis Ball J. Francis Ball
Howlett, Bonnie – 2 Reist J. Lorin and Jane E. Mullin Reist
Sackett, Lynn & Joyce Sackett J. Lynn Sackett and Joyce Sackett
Rowlinson, Jack Rowlinson Jack & Doris Rowlinson
Barnhart, Phillis Barnhart Jack and Phillis Barnhart
Moran, Ann – 1 Moran Jack Moran Family
Drouin, Jacques & Georgia Drouin Jacques and Georgia Drouin
Davis, Jake and Debbie Davis Jake & Debbie Davis
Baker, Ann – 2 Baker James & Ann Baker Plus 3 x 2 Plus 5 = A Baker’s Dozen
Heffer, Dorothy A. Heffer James and Ann Heffer and Family
Murphy, Kristen – 1 Murphy James and Kathy Murphy
Vokes, Jean Vokes James E. Vokes
Guthrie, Marian – 6 Guthrie James Wylie & Anna Mills Guthrie
Wood, Jim & Rose Wood James Z. Wood, Sr. & Rose C. Family
Moran, Ann – 2 Jones Jay & Kelly Jones and Family
Clary, Stephen Clary Jeanne and Maurice Clary
Klucznik, Mary K. Harrigan Jeanne G Harrigan
O’Brien, Maureen F. – 2 Clary Jeanne M. Clary – Much Loved Aunt
Mead, Pat Mead Jeff, Pat, Emma and Anya Mead
Cohen, Dennis – 7 Cohen Jeffrey N. Cohen
Callan, Betty Callan Jerry and Betty Callan
Phillips, Jim and Elke Phillips Jim and Elke Phillips
Taylor, Jim and Evelyn Taylor Jim and Evelyn Taylor
McEwen, Margaret & Abby Harrigan Jim and Jeanne Harrigan, June 20, 1953
Blamphin, Quille – 2 Blamphin Jim and Quille Blamphin
Merritt, Mary Ann Fili Joe & Betty Fili
Joy, Charlie – 3 Joy Joe and Congie Joy
Emery, Joe Emery Joe and Gerrie Emery
Sullivan, Sean – 1 Sullivan Joe and Grace Sullivan, Married Aug. 42
Joy, Charlie – 4 Joy Joe Joy – Barber Shop – 3051 Main St
Mitchell, Marion – 1 Irving John and Dorothy Irving & Family
Schweichler, Judith Schweichler John and Jane Schweichler
Keenan, John D. Keenan John and Pat Keenan
Vink, Pat Vink John and Pat Vink
Angelini, Muriel Angelini John P. Angelini, DDS, WWII, LTJG 3/17/20-8/3/03
Skivington, John, Mr. and Mrs. Skivington John, Cathy, Courtney, Kate Skivington
Johnson, Craig Johnson Johnson Family – Craig, Pat, Cari, Barbara
Jones, Marjorie – 2 Jones Jones Chemical
Caluorie, Joseph Caluorie Joseph & Barbara Caluorie
Alhart, Peter Alhart Kaitlin and Kyle Alhart
Kingsbury, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury Kara, Katie, Judy & Dean Kingsbury
Jake, Karen Jake Karen, Bob, and Madison Jake
Keith, Fred W. – 1 Keith 1 Keith Family Memorial in Honor of
Stein, Keith Stein Keith, Kathleen, Ashle & Thomas Stein
Fisher, Dick – 2 Bailey Kelly, Margaret Bailey
Geer, Kevin and Meg Geer Kevin & Meg, Joe, Kyle, Steven Geer
Kingsbury, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury Kingsbury Grandpa Dean S., Charter Member
Marble, Barbara Marble Larry Marble from his Wife
Fisher, Dick – 1 Bailey Laurie Fisher Bailey
McMahon, Robert J. McMahon Lee & Estalla McMahon, Village Inn
Cromwell, Linda J. – 1 Clary Leo and Shirley Clary Family – Linda and Brian
Serio, Anna Washburn Leon and Louise Washburn, Mayor – 1947 – 1957
Diliberto, Sam Diliberto Linda DiLiberto, Mother, Teacher, Who Loved Kids
Crosman, Bruce and Joanne Crosman Log Cabin Acres – Bruce & Joanne Crosman
Eberts, Arthur P. – 1 Eberts Lorie Spagnola and Art Eberts
Courneen, Peter J. – 1 Courneen Loving Memory – Frank & Margaret Courneen
Courneen, Peter J. – 1 Fitzpatrick Loving Memory – Jean Courneen Fitzpatrick
Donaghue, Alan Donaghue Loving Memory Liz Donaghue, Mother and Friend
Courneen, Peter J. – 1 Paine Loving Memory Virginia Courneen Paine
Mitchell, Marion – 2 Mitchell Lynn, Patty and Christine Mitchell
Fisher, Dick – 3 Fisher Lynne Fisher
Harrigan, James and Jeanne – 2 Wallace Mabel Wallace, Charter Member
MacIntyre, Bruce & Patricia MacIntyre MacIntyre Farms – Bruce & Patricia, York, New York
Connell, Patricia Wheeler Madeline and Wright Wheeler
Fisher, Dick Fisher Margaret & Charlie Fisher
Thomas, Donald R. Thomas Margaret and Dick Thomas
Cullinan, Mary V. – 2 Cullinan Margaret and Francis Cullinan
Guthrie, Marian – 2 Taillie Margaret Guthrie Taillie, Charter Member
Desjardins, Jane – 2 Campbell Margaret Lurz Campbell 1-19-06 to 11-17-88
Fisher, Dick and Marilyn – 1 Fisher Marilyn K. Fisher
Riggi, Cecelia M. – 1 Riggi Mark & Cecelia, Alicia, Kristina & Vanessa Riggi
Smith, Joan Smith Mary A. Mairs, CMCS Librarian
Connor, Greg – 1 Connor Mary E. G. Connor, Class of 1930, 1912-1999
Hinsdale, Dr. Fred M. – 1 Minster Mary McKenzie Minster, Secy. CMCS
Cullinan, Mary V. – 3 Cullinan Mary V. Cullinan
O’Brien, Maureen F. – 3 Freeman Maureen Roberta Freeman – Class of 1965
Coyle, Ruth Keenan Megan, Rian, & Kaylin Keenan
Fisher, Dick Bailey Megie McColl Bailey
Keenan, Martha – 2 Keenan Mel Keenan, Web Master,
Shaw, George and Kathryn – 1 Foote Memorial of James and Laura Foote
Meyer’s Campers, Inc. Meyer’s Meyer’s Campers, Inc.
Roggen, Allen & Patricia – 4 Phelps Michael, Barbara Phelps (Roggen), Patience, John
Milex Drug & Gift Milex Milex Drug & Gift
Hamilton, Tom and Mary C. Hamilton Monica, David, Kate Hamilton
Morey, Frances Morey Morey Family, Church Street, 2003
Cohen, Dennis – 3 Rabinowitz Morris and Anna Rabinowitz
Sabel, George, Mrs. Sabel Mr. & Mrs. George Sabel
Sheldon, W. Robert, Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Sheldon
Hamilton, Tom and Mary C. Hamilton Mry Catherine, Tom & John Hamilton
Cohen, Dennis – 5 Cohen Murray and Gwen Cohen
Nichols, Edna S. – 1 Nicholsview Nicholsview Farm, Bud and Edna
Noble, L. Joyce Noblehurst Noblehurst Farms, Inc.
Embling, Norma Embling Norma & Ken Embling
Padgett Business Services Padgett Padgett Business Services
Hickey, Pat – 1 Hickey Patrick E. Hickey Family
O’Brien, Maureen F. – 4 Freeman Patrick, Alex, and Bob Freeman – My Neat Nephews
Wynne, Patrick & Carolyn – 2 Wynne Patrick, Carolyn Wynne
Garrett, Pat – 2 Garrett Patty and Alan Garrett
Stein, Paul, Mr. and Mrs. – 2 Stein Paul Stein and Sons, LLC Farm
Baker, Ann – 3 Baker Paul, Pamela & Jennifer Baker
Davison, Paula Davison Paula Davison, Christopher, Gretchen
PayTrak Payroll Services PayTrak PayTrak Payroll Services
Nailos, Jim & Peggy – 2 Nailos Peggy Nailos from Michigan with Love
Truman, Teresa Tucci Pete Tucci Quick Shoe Repair
Courneen, Peter J. – 1 Courneen Peter & Joan Courneen and Family
Ferazoli, Virginia Ferazoli Peter & Virginia Ferazoli
McPherson, John Duncan McPerson Peter McPherson, Dentist & Coach, Football 20 yrs
Cohen, Dennis – 4 Cohen Philip and Bessie Cohen
Parr, Pat Parr Philip and Patricia Parr
D’Angelo, Philip C., DDS D’Angelo Philip D’Angelo, Dentist, 1963 – 2001
Kohl, Alice – 5 Griswold Phyllis Johnson Griswold
Hinsdale, Dr. Fred M. – 3 Hinsdale Phyllis Winslow Hinsdale, CHS 1936
Baldeck, Robert J. – 1 Baldeck R. J. Baldeck, US Coast Guard, World War II
Nichols, Edna S. – 2 MacLeod Rev. D. C. MacLeod, Pastor 1932-66 UP Churches
Johnson, Charles D. Johnson Rev. Louis Johnson and Family
Kingsbury, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury Richard & Ethel Kingsbury – Cl. 39 C.H.S. – BGN. H.S.
Cullinan, Mary V. – 4 Cullinan Richard and Mary Lou Cullinan
Weitzel, Robert, Mr. & Mrs. – 1 Weitzel Rob and Jo Weitzel
Kelly, Brenda Kelly Rob Kelly
Riggi, Cecelia M. – 2 McCombs Robert & Anne McCombs, Caledonia, NY
Saunders, Kay Saunders Robert and Kay Saunders, Scott and Kris
Jones, Marjorie – 1 Jones Robert and Marj Jones
Reeves, Maureen Reeves Robert and Maureen Reeves
Baldeck, Robert J. – 2 Baldeck Robert J. Baldeck Family, Mumford, NY
Martin, Barbara W. Martin Robert W. Martin Sr. Family
O’Brien, Maureen F. – 5 Freeman Rose and Bob Freeman – You are Missed
Smith, Silas W. – 3 Smith Sally G. Smith
Diliberto, Sam, Jr. Diliberto Sam Diliberto, Sr., A Loving Papa, Pearl Harbor Sr
Auberger, Mark Auberger School House Florist Mark Auberger
Sullivan, Sean – 2 Sullivan Sean M. Sullivan Carpentry
Baldeck, Donald – 2 Yahn Sgt. Wm. W. Yahn, Missing in Action 1946
Sickles Corp. Sickles Sickles Corp.
Smith, Silas W. – 4 Smith Silas W. Smith, Jr.
McGinnis, William – 1 McGinnis Silvester and Ella K. McGinnis, Curator 1952-90
Cohen, Dennis – 12 Cohen Spencer Cohen
Burkhart, Kristin Springbrook Springbrook Inn, the Burkharts, Estab. 1852
Rychlicki, Joe, Pam & Jen Rychlicki Stan and Rose Rychlicki
Steedman, Connie – 2 Steedman Steedman: Robert, Connie, Rob, Sean, Mitchell, Joanne
Sullivan, Donald Sullivan Sullivan Farms: Donald Sullivan, Caledonia, NY
Sunset Construction Sunset Sunset Const. – Chas. Robinson and Family
McMahon, Charlene Mumford Thank God I was Born in Mumford, Char
Big Springs Historical Society Caledonia DPW Thank You, Caledonia D.P.W.
Van de Vliert, Rika Van de Vliert The Al and Rika Van de Vliert Family
Alhart, Ellen Alhart The Alhart Family
Andalora, Kristina Andolora The Andolora Family
Bank of Castile, The Castile The Bank of Castile
Bonacquisti, Brian Bonacquisti The Bonacquisti Family
Bostwick, Germaine L. Bostwick The Bostwick Family
Byam, Mary H. Byam The Byam Five, John – Peter – Mary – Dora & Bill
Clary, Stephen J. – 1 Clary The Clarys – Stephen, June & Stephanie
Cohen, Dennis – 1 Cohen The Cohen Family 1921
Cunningham, Don and Norma Cunningham The Cunningham Family – Don and Norma
Dearcop, Bill and Elaine Dearcop The Dearcops, Elaine and Bill
Deragon, Susan Deragon The Deragon Family
Flynn, Sara Farrell The Family of Fred Farrell
Coyle, Molly Dempsey The Family of William Dempsey, Senior
Wall, Liz Buckley The Francis Buckley Family
Grant-Fletcher, Dorothy – 1 Grant The Grants – Jim, Dorothy, Jim, Stephen & Julie
Harmon, John R. Harmon The Harmons on Harmon Road
Hilliard, Sally – 1 Hilliard The Hilliards, Sally & Jack, Quarry/Lacey Rd
Rubenstein, Elizabeth Flick The James Flick Family
Kruchten, Fritz Kruchten The Kruchtens – Fritz, Judy and Joanne, Est. 2001
Layland, James Layland The Laylands – Jim Sr., Grace, Jim Jr., Doug, Amy
Manley, Dean A. Manley The Manley’s, Mayor Dean & Cath, Jeremy & Kendra
National Bank of Geneva, The Geneva The National Bank of Geneva
Rothrock, Doris – 2 Rothrock The Rothrocks – Jim, Doris, Sam, Mark, and Deb
Rychlicki, Joseph E. Rychlicki The Rychlickis – Joe, Pam, and Jen 2004
Schroeder, Becky Schroeder The Schroeders, Mark, Becky, Steph, and Mark
Skivington, William F. Skivington The Skivingtons – Bill, Nancy, Erin and David
Smith, Guen S. Smith The Smiths – Howard and Guen
Trojanoski, David Trojanoski The Trojanoski Family
Clary, Stephen J. – 2 Verhaeg The Verhaegs – Leo, Stephanie, Kyle and Morgan
Martin, Barbara J. Martin The Village Inn – Bob Lowden, Barbie Martin
Whiteside, Pat Whiteside The Whitesides – Jim, Pat, Mark, Julie and Megan
Shaughnessy, Thomas Shaughnessy Thomas & Phyllis Shaughnessy Family
Martin, Thomas E. Martin Thomas Eugene Martin, Charter Member
Thomas, Dick Thomas Thomas Family – Dick, Mary, Alicia & Ricky
Harrington, Gale Wood-Harrington Thomas Wood, Gale Harrington, Amy and Mark
Nothnagle, Tim – 2 Nothnagle Tim & Bernie Nothnagle, Jen, Zach & Nick
Blamphin, Quille – 1 Westbrook Tim and Mary Westbrook
Manley, Floyd & Sandra Kelley Tim Kelley from Trevor, Donovan, Connor
Anderson, Tim Anderson Timothy Anderson Family
Kelley’s Heroes Kelley Timothy Kelley – Fearless Leader, Forever a Hero
Parnell, Francis, Jr. Parnell Tince & Eleanor Parnell
Benedict, Ruth Farmers To Farmers Past and Present Who Built Our Town
Kretschmer, Elizabeth Ann Denoon To Very Special Parents – William & Elizabeth Denoon
Moran, Ann – 3 Dwyer Tom & Ellen Dwyer and Family
Dintruff, Loretta Dintruff Tom and Loretta Dintruff
Allen, Nancy T. Allen Tom, Nancy, Matthew, Katie Allen
Parnell, Loretta Parnell Tony Parnell Family
United Presb.Stone Church United United Presbyterian Stone Church
Carbary, Genevieve M. Smith Vera and Sila Smith, Police Chief 1932-1951
Dinitto, Vince & Renee Dinitto Vince & Renee (Hanna) Dinitto and Sons
Keefe, Patrick M. Keefe Virginia M. Keefe
Resch, Dorothy – 2 Phillips Virginia Phillips, Curator 1990 – 98
deLeeuw, Vivian M. deLeeuw Viviam M., Brignal L. deLeeuw
Fraser, Robert S. Walkers Walkers & Frasers, Scots Settlers in Western NY
Reinert, Nancy Reinert Wayne and Nancy Reinert
Kaness, William and Marilyn Kaness William – Marilyn Kaness
LaFave, Eileen – 2 LaFave William and Marjorie LaFave
Gardner, Helen Gardner William Gardner, RIT Graduate, Veteran WWII
Elkins, William and Virginia Elkins William, Virginia Elkins
McGlasson, Frank and Betty – 1 McGlasson With Love to Bill McGlasson, Mom and Dad
McGlasson, Frank and Betty – 2 McGlasson With Love to Cara McGlasson, Mom and Dad
McGlasson, Frank and Betty – 3 McGlasson With Love to Skye McGlasson, Gma and Gpa
Andaloro, Wm. S., Dr. – 2 Andaloro Wm. S. Andaloro, MD, Hon. Physician, Cal-Mum 1948-94
Mallaber, Jeff Mallabers Yesterday lives in our history, The Mallabers
Zantopp, Drew Zantopia Zantopia Herb Gardens Sells Great Plants